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7 Summer Hydration Tips for Seniors

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Aug 15, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Active_senior_water-LR-1.jpgStaying hydrated in the summer months when people lose hydration due to hot, sticky temperatures takes a bit of effort. Since some seniors do not realize that they are dehydrated, caregivers should offer liquids and foods containing liquids throughout the day. Dehydration is tricky and may not be noticed immediately, but it can have some severe consequences if not caught in time. There is no need to worry about dehydration if you follow the following hydration tips:

1. Keep water nearby at all times.

For many seniors, dehydration occurs because they forget about eating and drinking enough. To remind them, keep a glass or bottle of water by their side throughout the day.

2. Check medications

Some medications increase dehydration. Note which ones do, and check with the doctor if dehydration becomes an issue. Often, medications can be replaced by others which do not cause dehydration.

3. Supplement the diet with fruit.

Fruits such as melons, stone fruits and other tree fruits contain a lot of water. Offer fruits as snacks and desserts and mix them into drinks to flavor them. Seniors will also get fiber from eating fruits.

4. Increase foods made with water.

Foods such as gelatin, soups and yogurt all contain water. Adding more of these to the diet will help with hydration.

5. Increase refreshing iced drinks and slushies

Cool refreshing beverages such as iced drinks, smoothies and slushies will keep seniors cool and help hydrate them throughout the day. Even bed-ridden patients can enjoy smoothies because they can be sipped through a straw.

6. Watch salt intake

While salt is not bad per say, it can increase dehydration if overused. Replace salt with an herb/salt mix or herbs alone to add flavor without as much salt.

7. Add ice to cold drinks

Adding ice to juices and other cold drinks is a sneaky way to get seniors to drink more. As ice melts, it adds to the amount of liquid in the glass for them to drink.

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